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Grandma’s House

I love to go to Grandma’s house, Because it has that certain smell. So if you’ve been to Grandma’s house, It isn’t hard for me to tell. I love to walk on Grandma’s floor It’s fun to hear its groans and creaks, But no one sits on Grandma’s chairs Because her chairs are all antiques.


(For my granddaughter Aili Noel) She swung, and swung, and swung so high Until her silly swing broke loose. She went so high up in the sky She met a migrating goose. The goose was on his way down south And she was going that way too. So on, and on, and on down south […]

Food Pong

I think it’s fun to play with food, But it makes my mommy mad. “Stop playing with your food,” she says, “Or I’m going to tell your dad!” Today I made a little mess On the ceiling, walls and floor. Mommy didn’t look too happy As she wiped food off the door. “What did you […]


It’s time to tell you nightie-night, No more tales and lullabies. Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite. Sandman will win, no use to fight, So hug my neck and close your eyes. It’s time to tell you nightie-night. It’s time for me to dim your light. Now dream of chocolate cake and pies. […]

Who Was That Woman?

She came riding a white Mustang, And quickly tossed a charging bull. She twisted both its horns around, And gave its stupid tail a pull. She stopped the rain before it had A chance to get us soaking wet. She kissed a booboo on my knee Before I’d even time to fret. She stopped the […]