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The Magic Show

I always love A magic show. How tricks are done I’ll never know. One came to town This time last year. I’d hoped they’d make Sis disappear. She volunteered To go on stage, He put her in A wooden cage. I clapped my hands, I gave a cheer. I knew my Sis Would disappear. An […]

My First A

I thought I’d get a “C” Instead I got an ”A” Now I’ve got the giggles I don’t know what to say. It’s such a lovely thing I’ll hold my “A” up high I’ll float away with it And ride it to the sky. I know what Dad will say, “If A’s are so much […]

Consider the Snail Kite

Consider the snail kite A bird of great speed. Which is really a trait That he doesn’t need. Up there on air currents Without effort he sails. But when he attacks All he catches are snails. With claws that can rip And a beak that can bite. The snails that he eats Hardly put up […]


“Don’t get too near that mule!” Gramps said, “He might look like he’s kind of dumb, But if you get too close to him, He’ll kick you to Kingdomcome!” That old mule didn’t look so mean, In fact, I thought he looked real nice… So I just strolled right up to him, Ignoring my grandpa’s […]

Sister’s Room

I saw my mother Disappear. Now she’s been gone Almost a year. We had all tried To make her stop, When she went in With broom and mop. So we all know What caused her doom. She’s lost somewhere In sister’s room.