The kids really enjoyed the presentation!
Janalyn Moos Alexander
Campus Instructional Facilitator
Comal ISD

It was an awesome experience! The kids loved it! We considered it a great privilege to be a participant.

Our technology person is the young lady you saw on camera. She had conducted the test earlier that morning. When it was time to speak, we didn’t change anything….just kept asking the question until you were able to hear us. We apologize for the delay.

We would love to participate in any type of distance learning experience with the Bush Library or by any other means. The kids love all educational opportunities outside the classroom walls. We would enjoy being a contact for any other activities your library sponsors.

Thank you for your time and service to our children.
Kay Creek
8th ELA
Sonora Middle School

May 19, 2011

Subject: Thank You for A Fabulous Way to Show Kids Poetry

We are embarking on a new journey next year. We have decided to homeschool our children (rising 2nd and 5th graders) for academic reasons. I have been working to find excellent resources for things I want us to cover and learn as a family next year. My goal was to find poetry that we could enjoy as opposed to the eye-rolling, drool inducing, boring poetry that kids always loath in school. What an absolute delight when I found your website!!!

Thank you for sharing your gift with others. I know that your poetry will allow our family to share laughter and rich experiences together while the kids (shh, don’t tell anyone) actually learn something too. My eldest is a budding writer and my youngest would prefer shots at the pediatrician to picking up a pencil. I am confident that your clever words and hilarious art while inspire both ends of the writing spectrum in our house. Thanks again!


Annette M

Jan 1, 2011

Subject: Incredible Site

I’ve spent the better part of New Years Day on your web site.

It’s totally incredible and gave me some great laughs

The cartoon characters you have on this site are 2nd to none

Thanks for the great site you put up



March 7, 2008

Hey Wayne . . .

I sure thought you gave an excellent program yesterday!! I could tell the students really enjoyed it! Also, they really got a good laugh out of your funny illustrations, plus creative poems!! I, myself, especially liked the poem about the girl who went on a date and ate the bait! 😉

Hope yall are having a great day!

Teresa M

George Bush Presidential Library Volunteer

March 06, 2008

Subject: Poem Readings @ Bush Library

Mr. Edwards,

The students, parents and staff of Port Houston Elementary would like to thank you once more for your amazing presentation today. The students were captivated by the choice pieces you shared with them. We will be writing our own poems from funny stories or jokes we already know. Thank you again. We hope to see you again.

Mrs. P

6th grade Teacher

Houston ISD

Port Houston Elementary