Category: Poetry

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Gumball Machine

I told Mama that I saw it When I went to buy some gum. She just smiled and shook her head Like she thought that I was dumb. But I sure know that I saw it And I know that it’s still there; It is in there with the gumballs Doesn’t anybody care? I am […]

Consider the Mule

Let’s now consider the mule. He’s a most stubborn fellow, With an irritating voice That is more like a bellow. He very seldom agrees With anything you want done; He seems to be obstinate Just because he thinks it’s fun. A synonym for stubborn, A name that certainly fits; When you most need him to […]

Consider the Praying Mantis

Consider the praying mantis, Seemingly a most loving bug. Before she dines on her victim, She gives it a most loving hug. Then after hugging her victim, Just before she eats off its face, She folds her front appendages, Then bowing her head, she says grace. But the way that she treats her mate, A […]

Super Salesman

Billy Bob is a super salesman Who can sell you almost anything. He has sold a fireplace to a snowman, And sold a rattlesnake a ring. Being the world’s best super salesman Is the thing that he most loves. He sold a blind man reading glasses; He sold an earthworm a pair of gloves. I […]

Ghost of Halifax Will

They say that the ghost Of Halifax Will Spends all of his days On your windowsill. But when it gets dark, He gets out of bed; He looks here and there To find a new head. The head he has now Has eyes that are crossed; His snaggle-toothed grin Shows teeth that he’s lost. His […]