Category: Poetry

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Piece of Cake

I won’t open our ‘frigerator, Not even on a double-dog-dare! ‘Cause Sissy told me there’s a monster Who just now moved his family there. They can eat all the beans and spinach, I told Sissy that I wouldn’t care. But they best not eat the piece of cake That Sissy told me to hide in […]

Haunted House

When we passed the haunted house Pete made a double-dog-dare. He said that I was chicken And I wouldn’t go in there. I said, “Who’s afraid of ghosts?” Sally Mae was with us too. I really like Sally Mae And I’m thinking that Pete knew. I walked through the creaky gate And up to the […]

Hickory, Dickory and Doc

Hickory, Dickory and Doc Three mice that lived in a clock. The clock struck one with such a knock Now there’s only Dickory and Doc.

Mary’s Little Lamb

Mary had a little lamb And it was such a pity. They came and took her lamb away ‘Cause she lived in the city.

My Pet Python

I have a pet python And a best friend named Dan. My pet python gets mad When we play Kick-the-Can. We played Hide-and-Go-Seek To make my pet happy. When a python gets mad They sometimes get snappy. But now it’s getting late, Please help me if you can. I found my pet python But I […]