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Consider the Toad

Let’s consider the toad, Who’s a creature of myth. He looks much like a frog Whom he’s close kinfolks with. He’s accused unjustly As the source of our warts; Being used by witches To make brews of all sorts. He’s no match for a tire, Our brown hoppity-toad, Who oft leaves the outline Of himself […]

Consider the Tortoise

He takes long walks Alone in the park But he never fails To get home before dark. ‘Cause he takes his home Wherever he goes He drags it along With the claws on his toes. He’s famous with children For winning one race Which taught the advantage Of a good steady pace. Though safe in […]

Consider the Snake

Let’s give a thought, if you have time, To treatment of the lowly snake. Who without benefit of legs Must travel over land and lake. He lost his legs, the Good Book says, Because he tempted Adam’s wife And brought the first recorded fight Into that happy couple’s life. She’ll crush his head, the curse […]

Consider the Tumble Bug

He follows a cow Until nature calls Then rolls up her droppings In neat little balls. Did the other bugs think His parents were crude When they taught the young beetle To play with his food? I’ll be first to admit That his sculptures are neat But I will look elsewhere For something to eat. […]

Consider the Giraffe

The giraffe walks around all day, His head up in a cloud. He never says a word, Well, at least not one out loud. From way up there on high, He can see all of the sights. You have to pity a giraffe Who’s deathly scared of heights. He has two little knobby horns; Though […]