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Consider the Tumble Bug

He follows a cow Until nature calls Then rolls up her droppings In neat little balls. Did the other bugs think His parents were crude When they taught the young beetle To play with his food? I’ll be first to admit That his sculptures are neat But I will look elsewhere For something to eat. […]

Consider the Giraffe

The giraffe walks around all day, His head up in a cloud. He never says a word, Well, at least not one out loud. From way up there on high, He can see all of the sights. You have to pity a giraffe Who’s deathly scared of heights. He has two little knobby horns; Though […]

Consider the Mule

Let’s now consider the mule. He’s a most stubborn fellow, With an irritating voice That is more like a bellow. He very seldom agrees With anything you want done; He seems to be obstinate Just because he thinks it’s fun. A synonym for stubborn, A name that certainly fits; When you most need him to […]

Consider the Praying Mantis

Consider the praying mantis, Seemingly a most loving bug. Before she dines on her victim, She gives it a most loving hug. Then after hugging her victim, Just before she eats off its face, She folds her front appendages, Then bowing her head, she says grace. But the way that she treats her mate, A […]

Consider the Hippopotamus

Consider the hippopotamus… Who spends all day in the swimming pool. Hippos will eat only vegetables, Which Mom thinks is a very good rule. If Hippos eats only vegetables, And other healthy foods like that, Doesn’t it make you wonder why Hippo is the synonym for fat? When one reaches her maturity, And her waist […]