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Consider the Chameleon

Consider the chameleon, The master of disguises. The enemy of insects, The butterfly despises. He sits on a leaf And turns himself green. And though he sits there, He seldom is seen. His tongue is long, And covered with sticky. He’ll eat any bug, He’s certainly not picky. If  there’s nothing there, When you look […]

Consider the Snail

Let’s learn a lesson from the snail Where he goes he leaves a trail. When he goes where he shouldn’t be, His trail is there for all to see. Our life is like the little snail; Where we go we leave a trail. The things we do and the things we say Are the trail […]

Consider the Rabbit

Consider the rabbit, She just likes to have fun. But she’s on the menu Of almost everyone. Now since she’s the main dish On everyone’s table, She just has to raise kids As fast as she’s able. The fox shown in fable, To be such a sinner, Just loves to have Bunny To his house […]

Consider the Monkey

Consider the monkey, A devious creature. He mimics mankind In most every feature. But for only one thing, That I think’s just as well, Mankind is not blessed With the monkey’s long tail. Have you ever had thoughts, Of just how it would be, If God handed out tails When he made you and me? […]

Consider the Octopus

Consider the octopus With all his weird features. He must be the strangest Of all of God’s creatures. He changes his color, It would seem on a whim, And he changes his shape When it tends to please him. But the oddest of things, If one just stops to think, With nothing to write with, […]