Consider the Monkey

Consider the monkey,
A devious creature.
He mimics mankind
In most every feature.

But for only one thing,
That I think’s just as well,
Mankind is not blessed
With the monkey’s long tail.

Have you ever had thoughts,
Of just how it would be,
If God handed out tails
When he made you and me?

When you think of a tail,
It would be hard to guess
Just where we would put tails
Wearing pants or a dress.

And if some day your tail
Would get hurt or get sick,
Would a tail specialist
Be the doctor you’d pick?

A tail would be handy
For carrying some things
And the ladies could use it
For wearing more rings.

A monkey is hairy
And that just might not do.
‘Cause there’d be no place left
For weirdoes to tattoo.

Now the monkey just spends
All his time up in trees,
Throwing nasty things down
At the people he sees.

He mimics and copies
All the things people do,
So take care or he’ll make
A monkey out of you.

Now in any king’s court,
He’d make a good jester.
But of one thing I’m sure,
He’s not MY ancestor!


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