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Consider the Unicorn

Let’s consider the unicorn… Such a grand weapon on its head! Have you ever stopped to wonder Why all the unicorns are dead? When God first built the unicorn, He made them so that they would last. He made them look much like a horse, With draft horse legs both strong and fast. With a […]

Consider the Elephant

Consider the elephant, Who goes through his day, Stepping on things That get in his way. His body’s so big, That he can’t even jump, His nose is a vacuum But it’s sometimes a pump. We all use our noses To breathe, smell, and sneeze. Elephants can use theirs To pull up big trees. An […]

Consider the Lion

The black maned lion, The king of beasts, The ruler of Each jungle feast. His kingly job Is eat and sleep And not much more To earn his keep. He lies around All day and roars And lets the lioness Do the chores.

Consider the Grasshopper

Consider the grasshopper; She not here to please. She eats all our flowers And the leaves from our trees. In story she’s lazy She won’t gather or store. She eats for today, Thinking there’s always more. Her main benefit, I think there’s no doubt, Is food for the birds And as bait to catch trout. […]

Consider the Snail Kite

Consider the snail kite A bird of great speed. Which is really a trait That he doesn’t need. Up there on air currents Without effort he sails. But when he attacks All he catches are snails. With claws that can rip And a beak that can bite. The snails that he eats Hardly put up […]