Category: Poems for Children

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Dirty Face Sally

When little Sally takes a bath She scatters water every place. She washes every part of her But always seems to miss her face. She bathes with lots of soap and suds And plays for hours in the tub. She washes ears and toes and hair But never gives her face a scrub. When Sally […]

Jeremy’s Fork

Jeremy holds his fork Just like a big boy now. When he sat by Grandpa His grandpa showed him how. Trinket used to like it Under Jeremy’s chair ‘Cause there was lots of food Jeremy dropped down there. She found carrots, beans and peas And little bits of meat. When he came to visit Trinket […]

If I Were a Flower

“If you were a flower,” My teacher asked me, “What kind of flower Would you want to be?” “A rose,” I told teacher, “A rose would be fun. Since roses have thorns, I could stick everyone!”

Candy Store

I wish I owned a candy store So if the grown-up that I hired Refused to give me nuts and stuff, I’d shout and tell him he was fired. If my big sister came to shop With a nickel and a penny When she asked to buy some candy, I would say, “I haven’t any”. […]

The Wizard at Our House

A wizard came to visit us He told me that his name was Mark He says he came here on the bus He is a very selfish guest. If irritation is his plan, I think that he must be the best. He likes to write things on my wall And leave toys out to give […]