Category: Poems for Children

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Head Hunter

Saturday night I lost my head When I had a terrible fight. I would have won the silly brawl But I completely lost my sight. I couldn’t hear just where he was And so he beat me black and blue. My ears were on my head, of course, It seems that I had lost them […]

Childhood Friend

My childhood friend Was good and kind, A better friend No one could find. We never fought Or disagreed, He catered to My ever need He took my side When I’d been bad And played with me When I was sad. For such a friend I often grieve, So what if he Was make-believe.

Liver Is Better Than Worms

Judy made her usual threat When Momma brought out the liver. “I’d rather eat a big fat worm!” And her lip began to quiver. “I guess you mean a worm like this?” Said Daddy, holding up a worm. It was ugly, gross and slimy Judy watched it wiggle and squirm. Her momma said, “That’s not […]


That story of an elephant; I think it’s probably a lie, With ears that grew as big as wings So that the elephant could fly. I told Bob about the story, He always thinks that he’s so smart. He asked, “If big ears let you fly, Then just when do you plan to start?”

Spin Cycle

Let me tell you the tale About Timothy Green, Who climbed in his mother’s Brand new washing machine. It was entertaining To his brother Michael, Who had watched him go through The entire spin cycle. His mother was worried, But his dad just said, “Bosh, I’m sure little Timmy Will come out in the wash.”