Category: Poems for Children

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What About Bob?

I can tell when I’m in trouble; The way Mom calls is not the same. ‘Cause when she’s angry that’s the time She tends to use my entire name. My mom should have considered that When she named me what she did. Why not a simple name like Jon Or Tom or Harry or maybe […]

X-Ray Vision

I’d like to be like Superman And fly around without big wings, To have his super x-ray eyes So I could see inside of things. To fly around from place to place, I think would be a major WOW. But x-ray vision’s what I need, It would be nice to have it now. ‘Cause there’s […]

Green Alligator

I have a little white rabbit And a dog that dances a jig, A hamster that lives in a bird cage And a funny little brown pig. Oh yes, and before I forget, I have a green alligator That sleeps most wherever it likes But mostly on Mom’s ‘frigerator. Now alligators have big teeth And […]


I have a friend who’s really weird, He lives ‘way down on Crazy Street. He has twelve fingers on his hands, And also twelve toes on his feet. His neck is long, His chin pokes out, And when he talks He tends to shout. One eye is blue, The other brown, A pointed nose That’s […]


Mommy makes me go to bed When I’m still wide awake, Then makes me get up in the morning When I’m still sleepy, for goodness’ sake! Bedtime is not something that many children look forward to. It is difficult for even the most experienced parent to make bedtime a happy time. When my children were […]