Category: Poems for Children

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Her stupid puppy took my shoe And then he buried it outside. I couldn’t find out where it was Although I very often tried. The puppy’s grown into a dog. It’s been two years or four or three, And where he buried my old shoe There grows a rather nice shoetree.

Jenny Rose Lee

I love Jenny Rose Lee. And though she has braces, And lumps in wrong places, I know she’s the right girl for me. I love Jenny Rose Lee. The braces don’t matter And what if she’s fatter, I know she’s the right girl for me. I love Jenny Rose Lee, With freckles too many But […]


My parents say, “Drink lots of milk, Because milk makes children grow.” I just found out where milk comes from; I wonder if my parents know?


I’ve got a bad sore throat, Runny nose and a cough. If I sneeze one more time, My head just might come off. Mom said that it looks like I caught myself a cold. I’m not good at catching. I’m only three years old. I heard my mom tell Dad, She thinks I caught the […]

Sleepless At Mary’s

I spent last night at Mary’s house. Her little brother is a rat! He told me his pet snake got loose And that it swallowed Mary’s cat. He said it ate their neighbor’s dog And both their rooster and their hen. He told me as I went to bed That his pet snake was loose […]