Category: Poems for Children

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How The Slug Lost Its Shell

Have you ever heard the tale Of how the slug was once a snail? He envied all the shells he saw But with his own he saw each flaw. One day a hermit crab came by, He had a shell that pleased Snail’s eye. Now hermit crabs are quick to trade And with the snail […]

Birdie Geek

I wish that I could fly up high Like a birdie in the sky. But Mommy said if I had wings, I’d just be bumping into things. I’d need no shoes with birdie feet And I think that Would be real neat. But Sister said a birdie beak, Would make me look just like a […]

The Wart On Grandpa’s Knee

There is a wart on Grandpa’s knee. It has been there since half past three And it is there for all to see, The little wart on Grandpa’s knee. When folks walk by they point with glee. “There is a wart on Grandpa’s knee. Or maybe it’s a little flea And not a wart on […]

Food Pong

I think it’s fun to play with food, But it makes my mommy mad. “Stop playing with your food,” she says, “Or I’m going to tell your dad!” Today I made a little mess On the ceiling, walls and floor. Mommy didn’t look too happy As she wiped food off the door. “What did you […]


(For my granddaughter Aili Noel) She swung, and swung, and swung so high Until her silly swing broke loose. She went so high up in the sky She met a migrating goose. The goose was on his way down south And she was going that way too. So on, and on, and on down south […]