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A B-B Gun for Christmas

I want a B-B gun for Christmas. When Mommy asked me why, I didn’t tell the truth But I didn’t tell a lie. When I do something bad Mommy always seems to know. When I ask her how, she says, “A little birdie told me so.” I want a B-B gun for Christmas Now don’t […]

I Won’t Let You See

I have a twinkle in my eyes And there’s a dimple in my chin. And sometimes when it pleases me I have a little impish grin. I have two dainty little feet With little dainty piggy toes. And nobody fails to notice All the freckles on my nose. I have a little birthmark star That […]

Mom’s Weird Rules

My mom has some real weird rules Of things she thinks I shouldn’t do. Like putting sand in Sister’s bed Or a green lizard in her shoe. Or what about what she told me Not to pull the old cat’s tail And not to make paper airplanes Out of Daddy’s important mail? And she said […]

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World’s Best Cowboy

I am the world’s best cowboy, I am the best of the best. I’ll sit tall in the saddle, I’ll ride old trails in the west. I’ll rope the meanest wild bulls. I’ll ride like the wind all day And when I’ve roped all the bulls, I’ll feed my horse lots of hay. I’m going […]