Category: Poems for Children

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Stick Horse

I have a little stick horse That I like to ride about. It is the world’s best stick horse, I have very little doubt. I ride it in the kitchen And in every other room. But I must stop riding now Because Mother needs her broom!

Goldie’s Funeral

We had a funeral yesterday It was a very sad affair I had three goldfish in a bowl And now there’re only two in there. My Dad said when a goldfish dies Just flush it down the toilet bowl. I tried to but it wouldn’t fit I had to dig a great big hole. Dad […]


I have three sisters and a brother, Of whom I am the smaller. Do you think, that all this stretching, just might make me taller?

Kids Only Land

If there’s a land without grownups, I think I would like to go there ‘Cause grown-ups boss us kids around And I don’t think that that is fair. To have a land without grown-ups Would certainly be kind of neat. But there’re times we might miss them, ‘Cause they make better things to eat.

Baseball and Bubble Gum

Just now I blew a bubble As big as I could blow it; What I learned, I will tell you, In case you didn’t know it. Chewing gum while playing ball Will always cause you trouble When you’re the one who’s pitching, And blow too big a bubble. ‘Cause I just kept on blowing To […]