Category: Poems for Children

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Why Aren’t There Monsters in the Zoo? And Monsters, Too?

Why aren’t there dragons in the zoo? I’ve read stories I know are true. I asked the man cleaning a stall, He said the knights had slain them all. Why aren’t there monsters in the zoo? I know where there are at least two. They’d like the zoo, I know, instead Of living underneath my […]

Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson Very well; I picked a cat up By its tail!

He Hit I

I hit he. Knocked him down, Skinned his knee. Now he mad, As can be. If he asks No see me, Hiding here Up in tree.

My Brother’s Part Animal

My new brother is part animal And Mother thinks that I don’t know. She said he’s wrinkly as a pup And just as pink as a flamingo. She told my Grandma on the phone As if she thought that it was neat, About his little sweet deer face And that she loves his cute bear […]

Frozen Features

Mommy said I should be careful When I made a face today. ‘Cause if we had a sudden freeze My face could easily stay that way. That’s when Mommy got the giggles, I’m not sure just what about. I looked at Daddy’s face and asked, “Do faces ever thaw back out?”