Category: Poems for Children

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Warning Signs

Some grown-ups put up warning signs To try and scare bad guys away. When it is dark, they can’t be read, And bad guys aren’t out when it’s day. Dad says bad guys drop out of school, So warning signs have little need. If bad guys are drop-outs from school, They probably can’t even read.


There’re goblins Knocking at my door, Weird goblins I’ve not seen before. They promised tricks If I don’t treat. Just what do Little goblins eat?

Bedtime Monster

Late last night a bedtime monster Climbed out from underneath my bed. I knew that he was coming out So he could nibble on my head. I crawled down inside my covers And let my feet stick out the top. Because I knew my smelly feet Would make the nibble monster stop. He was really […]


I think balloons are really neat, Even though they hate to play. When Daddy buys us balloons, They always try to get away. My sister gets a red one. Blue’s the color I pick out. Dad ties them around our wrists, Then we like to run and shout! They don’t like to be indoors, At […]


I love to hear a thunderstorm With lightning, rain and noise. I love to see a thunderstorm And how it scares the little boys. Oh my! Here comes a thunderstorm, Now I’m sorry for what I said! Come on, move over little guys, Make room for me under the bed!