Category: Poems for Children

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Mom’s Sore

My mother said, If she were me, She wouldn’t play With a bumble bee. But she’s not me, What does she know? It can’t sting me, It’s much too slow. “Don’t make it mad”, My mother said. It chased her out Of the flower bed. It can’t catch me, No way – no sir! I […]

Thoughts on Getting a Puppy

They told me the surely best way Of getting my very own puppy Is to ask for some other pet And not something small like a guppy. They said don’t ask for a kitten ‘Cause that could be a mistake. Tell Mom you can’t live without A really big monstrous pet snake. Get pictures of […]

Peanut Butter And Jelly Sandwich

Mom always makes me sandwiches That no other mom can beat. Her peanut butter and jelly Is my very favorite treat. A big fat bully at my school Seems to like them best of all; He hunts me down and takes them; Today he chased me down the hall. I had hid one in my […]

Brussels the Bunny

Brussels was a baby rabbit, Just a tiny little bunny. Brussels always wondered why He had to have a name so funny. When you read this bunny story, I am going to tell you why. And you’ll know it is the truth Because I wouldn’t tell a lie. Brussels lived next to a garden, Out […]

I Went Flying

I went flying One bright and sunny day. I went last year in March Or was it early May? I went flying, I did loops and figure eights. I dodged tall chimneys And crashed through garden gates. I went flying Way high up in the sky. I winked at Mister Moon As I passed him […]