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I See Paris, I See France

I guess that it was all my fault Because I turned a somersault. The boys began to sing and dance That they had seen my underpants. I hate they saw my under pants But I thought after they’d all gone. It could have been a whole lot worse. What if I hadn’t had them on?

Four Bears

My uncle gave me a Teddy bear My Daddy gave me two. I include my Teddy bears In everything I do. When Grandpa comes to visit us He always teases me. Today he said I have forebears When all I have is three.

The Secret

This is the secret that Sally told me not to tell you. It is a secret, so I know that it’s true. She heard it from Billy who got it from Sue. It’s too good to keep. What else can I do? Sue heard it from Joe, who’s sick with the flu. Who he got […]


Sister Ella Is sure a mess; She dumps her plate Out on her dress. She sits there in Her baby chair And rubs her food All in her hair. It makes me think She doesn’t know Exactly where Her food should go.


I found a four leaf clover, It’s a very lucky thing. I spotted it while swinging, In our schoolyard playground swing. I hope that it is lucky Cause I need some luck real soon. Our teacher’s giving us a test, In math this afternoon.