Category: Poems for Children

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I have three sisters and a brother, Of whom I am the smaller. Do you think, that all this stretching, just might make me taller?

Stick Horse

I have a little stick horse That I like to ride about. It is the world’s best stick horse, I have very little doubt. I ride it in the kitchen And in every other room. But I must stop riding now Because Mother needs her broom!

Baseball and Bubble Gum

Just now I blew a bubble As big as I could blow it; What I learned, I will tell you, In case you didn’t know it. Chewing gum while playing ball Will always cause you trouble When you’re the one who’s pitching, And blow too big a bubble. ‘Cause I just kept on blowing To […]

Man-Eating Tiger

They watched the tiger in his cage, The small boy standing by his dad. “If he got out,” the father said, “It surely would be very bad!” “The sign says it’s a man-eater,” The little boy quietly said. “If the tiger was to eat you, Doesn’t that mean that you’d be dead?” The dad, pleased […]

Goldie’s Funeral

We had a funeral yesterday It was a very sad affair I had three goldfish in a bowl And now there’re only two in there. My Dad said when a goldfish dies Just flush it down the toilet bowl. I tried to but it wouldn’t fit I had to dig a great big hole. Dad […]