Category: Poems for Children

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More Is Better

Santa Claus brought me a trike I ride like a shooting star. I can go almost as fast as Daddy Can go in his brand new car. Bubba says his bike is best, He can climb the steepest hills. But I know mine is better ‘Cause his only has two wheels.

When Spot Gets Wet

I like playing out in the rain, I like it when I get all wet. When Mom and Dad were kids like me, They liked to do it too, I’ll bet. I like to feel the gooey mud Squish up between my bare foot toes. I like it when the warm rain drops Run in […]


Sister Ella Is sure a mess; She dumps her plate Out on her dress. She sits there in Her baby chair And rubs her food All in her hair. It makes me think She doesn’t know Exactly where Her food should go.

New Bathroom

“Come see my new bathroom,” My best friend said to me; “A good time to visit If you have to pee.” “It’s all made of metal And it’s painted bright blue; I’ll invite all our friends, They can all use it too.” “The workmen just brought it And installed it for me. Come on, let’s […]

How I Became a Parrot

I told the magic genie I wanted to be a pirate And sail the seven seas. I knew the magic genie Wanted very much to please. He knew that I’d return him To his little genie bottle If he didn’t grant my wish. His bottle was quite crowded With two monkeys and a fish. So […]