Category: Quickies

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Lesson Learned

I learned a lesson Very well; I picked a cat up By its tail!

Broken Bone

She answered the doctor’s question With her little girl’s dimpled charm. “Is this the first bone you ever broke?” “No, I broke my sister’s arm!”

Super Glue

Daddy called me “Stupid” For tasting Super Glue. I couldn’t even tell him That Sister dared me to!

Did You Know My Friend?

Did you know my friend Who was a masseuse? You should have met her But then what’s the use? Our friendship ended Just the other day You might say that she Rubbed me the wrong way.

Dead Snake

As I was walking in the yard I came upon a little snake. With beating heart up in my mouth, I ran to get the garden rake. My dear husband stood and watched me Beat it until my face turned blue; Because he’d found it yesterday, And he had killed the dumb thing too.