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Mabel’s Jigsaw Puzzle

My ditsy blonde-haired neighbor called, This morning on the telephone; She had bought a jigsaw puzzle That was too hard to do alone. She told me the puzzle pieces Were too irregular and small, She had tried for several hours Before she’d given me a call. I enjoyed jigsaw puzzles So I was glad that […]

Sea Burial

Two blondes had promised their father That they would bury him at sea. They thought that they would do the job, To save themselves the burial fee. They put him in his fishing boat, And took him out a ways from shore. They’d read the law required the grave, To be at least six feet […]

Blonde’s Cell Phone

Art got his wife a cell phone, His lovely blonde-haired wife. She’d never seen a thing like it In her whole blonde-haired life. While shopping at the grocery store, She got her first phone call from Art, “I really like my cell phone, Honey, But how’d you know I’m at Wal-Mart?”

New Step-Mother

I told the pretty blonde-haired girl, Who I met at the health food bar, That she shouldn’t laugh at me For driving such a shabby car. “My dad just won the lottery, And he has just turned ninety-nine. His health is poor; he’ll die real soon, And then his money will be mine.” She treated […]

Too Good To Sell

She asked me for my help, She needed to sell her car. It had 250,000 Miles on it so far. With so many miles on it, No one would even look. She said she had to sell it No matter what it took. So I turned her mileage back To 50,000 miles, Using a special […]