Mabel’s Jigsaw Puzzle

My ditsy blonde-haired neighbor called,
This morning on the telephone;
She had bought a jigsaw puzzle
That was too hard to do alone.

She told me the puzzle pieces
Were too irregular and small,
She had tried for several hours
Before she’d given me a call.

I enjoyed jigsaw puzzles
So I was glad that she called me,
“When we get the puzzle finished,
What is the picture going to be?”

“It’s supposed to be a rooster,
At least that’s what the picture shows,
But from the looks of the pieces
I think that Heaven only knows.”

When I went next door to help her,
I felt sorry for poor Mabel;
She had emptied the whole box out
Spread across her kitchen table.

She says she’d like to finish it,
She doesn’t care how long it takes.
But no one can make a rooster
From a pile of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes!


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