Category: Life with Children

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I was lying down on the couch, Deeply engrossed in my study book, When Peggy Sue held her finger out And said, “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy look!” So I stuck her finger in my mouth And pretended that I was chewing. I said that I was eating sugar When Peggy asked what I was doing. She […]

Don’t Push Me

“Don’t let me be tardy for Sunday school.” She prayed while skipping along. “I know I slept a little bit late But I didn’t mean anything wrong I’m wearing my best to go to your house And I meant to get up before eight But if you would help me just one little bit I […]


It’s the way I make my living Calling people on the phone. I could hear a lot of voices So she wasn’t home alone. She was speaking in a whisper. I could barely hear her voice. So I asked for either parent Leaving her to make the choice. She said, “Both my folks are busy. […]

Birthday Parties

I like to have neighborhood parties Celebrating my children’s birthdays. It’s not just for the kids’ benefit… Even though they’re my little sunrays. I like to have neighborhood parties, Or to have neighbors’ kids here to dine, Just to prove to myself there’re people Who have kids who are much worse than mine. Some parents […]


I’m going to dig to China. Mommy says it is quite a ways. I’m going to dig to China, If it takes me seven days. I was going to dig my hole In the lot across the street. But the ground there was so hard It made the shovel hurt my feet. So I’ll dig […]