Category: Life with Children

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I’m going to dig to China. Mommy says it is quite a ways. I’m going to dig to China, If it takes me seven days. I was going to dig my hole In the lot across the street. But the ground there was so hard It made the shovel hurt my feet. So I’ll dig […]

Please Tell the Tooth Fairy

God bless my mommy And bless Daddy too. Bless all of the animals That live in the zoo. God bless Bobby Joe, Bless my new friend Ruth. And please tell the Tooth Fairy About my loose tooth.

It Must Be All Right

“Oh, no,” he said to his little girl, “That light was red, and I drove right through!” “Well it must be all right,” she told him, “‘Cause the cop behind us did it too!”


It was first game of the season, There was excitement in the air. One team had much bigger players, It didn’t seem to be quite fair. I asked a lad from the small team If he had kept up with the score. He said his home team had zero, The other team had 24. “Just […]

Aidan’s Gun

He came running from the kitchen His index finger for a gun. “Bang! Bang! Bang! You’re dead, Uncle Ron!” He shouted back, still on the run. “Never point a gun at people, Just shoot monsters,” Uncle Ron said. “Okay, play like you’re a monster. Bang! Bang! Now play like you are dead.”