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Alia’s Coloring Book

There’s nothing that Alia likes More than to color in her book. She uses colors that she likes And never cares how strange they look. Who made the rules that skies are blue Or that the grass has to be green? The horses that she colors pink Are prettier than some I have seen. If […]

My Favorite Shaggy Dog Story

Charley had a cousin who’d believe most anything. He convinced him that his frog could fly and that his dog could sing. The most fun Charley had was to make his cousin cry, So Charley stopped at nothing; he’d even tell a lie. Charley’s dad was the pastor of the biggest church in town. He […]


It was first game of the season, There was excitement in the air. One team had much bigger players, It didn’t seem to be quite fair. I asked a lad from the small team If he had kept up with the score. He said his home team had zero, The other team had twenty four. […]

Powder Puff Fight

We had a fight with a powder puff My sister Jennie and me. When you fight with a powder puff It’s hard for you to see. You twirl around in powdery clouds That smell so much like Mother. I told Jennie, “This will teach you Not to tease your brother!” Now just where did our […]

Computer Skills

My computer stopped working And I don’t know what to do! If I call up tech support, Will he send around a crew? He tends to treat us teachers With such total disrespect He’s also quick to question Our computer intellect. One of my brighter students, Computer skills unabashed, Just glanced at my computer And […]