A stupid goat ate my homework.
I know that she won’t believe it.
Once the goat got started eating
There’s no way I could retrieve it.

I think all teachers are alike,
They don’t want to believe the truth.
Russian spies really stole my books
Out of the drugstore pay-phone booth.

When space aliens took my lunch
And fed it to their Nardyskipp,
Teacher sent me to the office
To take a yellow tardy slip!

I got blasted with a ray gun
That time I nearly almost died,
Mom said it was only sunburn
And then she made me play inside.

She said making up wild stories
Is something kids should never do.
We should only tell each other
Things that we all know are true.

Like Santa Claus leaves lumps of coal
For kids who like to stretch the truth,
The Easter Bunny lays blue eggs.
A fairy wants to buy my tooth.


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