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Who Did You Say You Were?

Just a line to say I love you, and that I think you’re great. Last month you had a birthday, and I know this card is late. I know you probably think that I’m among the dead, But I’m just getting old and mixed up in the head. I went to church last Tuesday, I […]

The Talking Frog

An old fisherman and his dog Came upon an unusual sight. A talking frog had caught its leg, And was screaming with all its might. “Help me loose,” the little frog cried, “And I will bring joy into your life.” The old man pried the stuck frog loose, Using his sharp fish cleaning knife. The […]


With age a constant reminder, Poor eyesight and glasses a must; They came through the mail just today… My heavens! Just look at the dust! My glasses must be the problem, I’ve not seen that much dust before. So now I’ll take off my glasses Before I come in the front door!


The doctor sadly shook his head As he examined poor old Ben. “How long do I have?” Ben asked. The doctor frowned and answered, “Ten.” “Ten weeks, ten months, ten what?” Ben asked. “Is it something that you can fix?” The doctor just kept on counting; “Nine,” then “eight,” then “seven,” then “six…”


Just where could her husband be? He was bad to keep her waiting. It was hot inside the car; This was very aggravating! He was always in a hurry So who’s the slowpoke now? If she made him wait this long, He would have a holy cow. He wouldn’t use a cell phone, No way […]