Category: Growing Older

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Forgotten Proposal

He was getting up in years, His memory had gone south. He’d forget what he was thinking Before it even reached his mouth. Last week he’d asked Maybell If she would be his bride. He couldn’t think what she had said, No matter how he tried. So he quickly wrote a letter To see just […]

Grandmother’s Driving

My grandmother always says, She doesn’t care how folks talk. If her driving bothers them They should keep off of the sidewalk!

Green Pastures

In search for greener pastures, I spared no expense. But when I finally found them, I was too old to climb the fence.

Air Plane Ride

The deal was that they make no sound, If so, their plane ride would be free. It was an open-air bi-wing, The old plane had no canopy Today was dear old Bea’s birthday And she had never flown before, I’d promised her an airplane ride Back when she was 74. The pilot was a raucous […]

On Turning One Hundred

When I was young my father said, “Always respect your elders, Son.” It’s difficult because of late, I have a hard time finding one!