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Were You There Grandpa?

He was supposed to memorize The entire Gettysburg Address, Which was causing my grandson A lot of worry and distress. So I recited it for him, As I had learned it long ago. It was to him a big surprise That it was something I would know. He said, “It’s easy to recall Something that […]

Too Old For Golf

Although ninety years old, Jack played golf every day, So he was unhappy, His sight was slipping away. He could still hit the ball A good country mile, But not seeing its flight Was cramping his style. His wife said, “Take Herby, He has perfect eyesight. He’s a hundred and two But he’s still very […]


The old man sitting next to me Was searching for his ticket. He said he’d looked in all the places Where he would usually stick it. I told him, “Tell me where you’re going And I will gladly pay your fare. He said, “That’s why I need my ticket, It’s how I’ll know when I […]

On Turning One Hundred

When I was young my father said, “Always respect your elders, Son.” It’s difficult because of late, I have a hard time finding one!

My Reflection

MY REFLECTION I looked into a mirror And I saw my mother there All the wrinkles by my eyes And the way I comb my hair. I thought “Dear God it Heaven, Have I really become her? In the way I treat my kids, And the lifestyle I prefer?” I told my oldest sister, “We […]