Air Plane Ride

The deal was that they make no sound,
If so, their plane ride would be free.
It was an open-air bi-wing,
The old plane had no canopy

Today was dear old Bea’s birthday
And she had never flown before,
I’d promised her an airplane ride
Back when she was 74.

The pilot was a raucous man,
His usual mode was lazy.
But when he got into a plane,
He just went a little crazy.

Well we would win this bet for sure
Because we wouldn’t make a sound.
He did some of those crazy loops
And then he flew us upside-down.

When at last the plane had landed,
The pilot said that we had won.
The pilot said, “You are, for sure,
A really tough son-of-a-gun.”

He said, “I really pulled some Gs,
Didn’t you want to scream and shout?”
“I almost yelled just once,” I said,
“That one loop when old Bea fell out.”


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