Category: Quickies

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It Must Be All Right

“Oh, no,” he said to his little girl, “That light was red, and I drove right through!” “Well it must be all right,” she told him, “‘Cause the cop behind us did it too!”

Crocodile Tears

Does a crocodile, When he eats someone Always shed a tear? I think I know How to find out But I’ll need a volunteer.

The Wedding Ring

“You have your wedding ring on the wrong finger.” I told her, when I was introduced to Fran. “I know it’s on the wrong finger”, she said, It’s there because I married the wrong man!

The First One to Lose

There are some people that I know Who are so easy to enthuse; If they only come in second, They’d rather think they’re first to lose.

Likely Story

Last night our cat had kittens It was such an awesome sight. I saw her as she had them Mother let me hold the light. Daddy told me as I watched I was born the same as that. I know that he was kidding. I’d never fit inside a cat!