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Quarter Horse

She told me that to ride a horse Was her favorite thing to do, So wonder why she got so mad I really do wish that I knew. I let her have the bestest horse And that was just for starters. She could have ridden all of them ‘Cause I had lots of quarters.  

Life’s Ambition

They tell us with certainty I’m sure they are right That science has figured The exact speed of light. I want to assure you It’s not just a lark That I’m going to figure The exact speed of dark.


My guest was departing; He had just spent the night. I asked him as he left, “Was everything all right?” He said it had been great, No if, and, or maybe. And the bed was a dream; He’d slept like a baby. When I cleaned up his room, It was true what he’d said. He’d […]


Was it his name Or just his size, That caused my puppy’s Sad demise? When he, although It might sound weird, Drank spot remover And disappeared?

Budding Actor

“I’m in a movie”, He told his dad With his eyes brimming with happy tears. “I play the part of a married man Who’s been married for twenty five years”. His Dad said, “I know being an actor Has been the desire of your heart And I am very proud of you, But couldn’t you […]