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One thing I’ve learned About a shark, Its bite is much Worse than its bark!


Was it his name Or just his size, That caused my puppy’s Sad demise? When he, although It might sound weird, Drank spot remover And disappeared?

My Cool Brother

Mom made me baby-sit my brother “Don’t let him get too hot” Mom said, So why did she get mad at me When I dumped water on his head?


Skate boards are so exciting. You can do tricks that will thrill you. If you got one for your birthday, Someone is trying to kill you!

Rubber Ducky

I know you think it’s silly, And silly it may be, But when I take a bath, My ducky’s there with me. Now I’m a little worried, I always called it, “he” But I’ve begun to wonder… What if my duck’s a she?