Category: Quickies

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Skate boards are so exciting. You can do tricks that will thrill you. If you got one for your birthday, Someone is trying to kill you!

Rubber Ducky

I know you think it’s silly, And silly it may be, But when I take a bath, My ducky’s there with me. Now I’m a little worried, I always called it, “he” But I’ve begun to wonder… What if my duck’s a she?

Monster Count

“There is not one single monster In your room,” my grandpa said, “Not one single monster alive!” And he marched me off to bed. Grandpa‚Äôs always right, you know He said, “Not one monster alive.” There’s not one monster in my room. There are four monsters, maybe five!

All Shook Up

My brother took my coke away, He said because he had a thirst. Wonder if I should have told him That I had shaken it up first?

Skydiving Advice

“You don’t need a parachute to skydive.” That was my good friend’s advice. “Why wear a cumbersome parachute? Unless you plan on jumping twice.”