Category: Quickies

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Helen Brown

At my class reunion, I said, “Lady, you look like Helen Brown.” “Well you don’t look so hot in blue” She answered with a hurtful frown.


I bought a book on Yoga, Which I advise you not to do. You learn how best to meditate, This much I found is true. I sit here with the knowledge learned; No matter how I’ve tried, There is no meditating way To get my legs untied!

Water Ski

My brother said it’s easy To learn to water ski, The last thing I remember Is when he waved at me!

Monsters Ate My Ceiling

As I lay watching stars last night I got a funny feeling, Had monsters come into my room And gobbled up my ceiling?

It Must Have Been “Grumpy”

I smashed in the back bumper Of a great big king-sized van, But the driver who got out Was a very tiny man. He shouted, “I’m not happy!” With his tiny face all red. My answer was most unkind; “Which one are you then?” I said.