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What She Meant

Sitting one night with her husband, A woman began to opine, “No way could I live without you,” While sipping on a glass of wine.” “Is that you talking, or the wine?” The husband asked, with ego fed, “I’m not talking to you, my dear; I’m talking to the wine,” she said.


I usually wake up Grouchy, A habit that is ingrained deep… But this morning, just for once, I think I’d better let her sleep!

Weight and Fortune

I weighed myself on a fortune scale It said, “You’re honest, loyal and true.” I felt real good until it said, “Looks like we got your weight wrong, too.”

Why is Tomato Red?

Why is tomato red? The answer’s quite distressing. Tomato first turned red When he saw Salad dressing!

A Monster for Sis

A monster came into my room. He sure gave me the creepy creeps! But I got rid of him real fast, I told him where my sister sleeps.