Category: Poems for Children

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“You are surely grumpy,” Is the first thing Mother said. “You must have gotten up On the wrong side of your bed.” Gramps said, “When you’re grumpy, You’ve got a rock in your shoe.” And Gramps sure ought to know ‘Cause he’s always grumpy too. Dad said, “If you’re grumpy, It’s because you’ve had bad […]

My Mother’s an Angel

My mother’s an angel; Just how do I know? It has to be true, Because Grandpa said so. If she is an angel, Just where are her wings? All angels have them, Among other things. When I asked my grandpa, He laughed and then said, “They’re hidden, like the eyes In the back of her […]

Cafeteria Food

The best food that I ever ate Was food I had one day at school I liked the green and slimy stuff And all the yellow lumpy gruel. I licked the saucer and the bowl And made it shiny clean as new And then they filled it up again With some really smelly stew. **You […]

My Calendar

My calendar Is no more good, Said Miss Sally Underwood. I lent it to Young Tommy Gates, That silly kid Ate all the dates. January He ate at noon, And burped quite loud When he ate June. February What a treat. Its taste, he said, Could not be beat. March and August, Made him sick […]

Did I Mean That?

My teacher taught me how to write But didn’t teach me how to read. I made a note of things to get But now I can’t read what I need. If I could read the things I wrote Then I would know the things I knew. I might not like the things I said In […]