Category: Poems for Children

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Now I can jump And I can fly. I can almost Reach to the sky. Ol’ Superman’s Not good as me, From gravity I’ve been set free. I know that I Can outrun Mike Even riding His brother’s bike. They must have cost Lots of pennies; Mommy bought me BRAND NEW TENNIES! When you read […]

Three Feet

“You’re kind of small,” The genie said, Stroking his beard Shaking his head. The small boy said “I’m not so small It’s just that I Am not real tall.” “I know that I Stand just three feet And one more foot Would be real neat.” “Another foot And I’d be tall, No one would say, […]


They must think that I’m stupid, ‘Cause they treat me like I’m dumb. They always act real nervous When I ask where I came from. I asked how it could happen, I was born on my birthday? Mom told me she was busy And to go outside and play. It was in a hospital Where […]

Teacher’s Note

My teacher wrote a note to me And paper clipped it to my test. She said that I had done good work That it had been my very best. She said my grammar had been good And all my spelling had been right. She said that she would tell my folks And planned to meet […]

Snow Flake

A little snowflake floating down, As it gets closer I can see A piece of nature’s finest art A lovely, lacy, filigree. No two alike, the poets claim, Songs of its beauty have been sung. But this one’s life has been cut short; I caught it on my warm moist tongue.