Category: Poems for Children

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It Came Knocking

The thing that’s knocking On my door Is quite ugly And six foot four. It has long fangs And smelly breath. Its looks could scare A ghost to death! Its eyes are red, Its skin is green. I sure do hope It’s Halloween!

The Difference

When he told how George confessed That he couldn’t tell a lie, It always brought a tear drop To my dear old Daddy’s eye. Now way back when a washtub In the kitchen was our bath To use our family’s toilet Meant you had to “walk the path.” We had a real nice outhouse; It […]

Bits And Pieces

When I was young I heard Dad say That God had thrown my mold away. So why do grownups always start To claim my every body part? My curly hair, a fiery red, Grandpa’s bald, but still he said While throwing me high in the air, “You know you’ve surely got my hair.” Of course […]

Mom’s Sore

My mother said, If she were me, She wouldn’t play With a bumble bee. But she’s not me, What does she know? It can’t sting me, It’s much too slow. “Don’t make it mad”, My mother said. It chased her out Of the flower bed. It can’t catch me, No way – no sir! I […]

Thoughts on Getting a Puppy

They told me the surely best way Of getting my very own puppy Is to ask for some other pet And not something small like a guppy. They said don’t ask for a kitten ‘Cause that could be a mistake. Tell Mom you can’t live without A really big monstrous pet snake. Get pictures of […]