Category: Poems for Children

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Reading Chair

Mother has a reading chair, That we all gather around, When she reads a book to us We try not to make a sound. Sometimes when she is real tired, Mother tries to hurry through. She thinks that we won’t notice If she skips a page or two. We know all of the stories, We […]

Tall Tony

I’m going to tell the reason Tall Tony is no longer tall. One day he found a magic hat While he was hunting for his ball. At first he wished for little things And they appeared out of thin air. They piled on top his magic hat And crawled around in Tony’s hair. He wished […]

Polar Bear

Good Polar Bear, It’s just a hunch When you invite Me out to lunch. I know that you Can’t just eat seal With ice water For every meal. But if some time We meet for food, I hope you’re in A corn flakes mood. If I’m wary Of your menu, You can’t blame me Nice […]

That’s What Night Time Snacks Are For

I never saw a purple monster But last night I saw a green one. You don’t know just how scared I was If you have never seen one. He had green skin and wild green hair And he was creeping towards my bed! It was his blood red scary eyes That clearly said he’d not […]

God’s Water Bed

There were lightning flashes And loud claps of thunder. It filled little Petie With both fear and wonder. Mom said, “Pete, don’t worry, I know it’s a fearsome sound; But it’s just God moving His furniture around.” Then it started to rain; Pete ran to Mom and said, “Come look, I think that God Just […]