Category: Poems for Children

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Forced Rhyme

Teacher made me write a poem She said I had to make it rhyme. She gives me hard stuff all the time I wrote, “I think I’ll never see A grade as pretty as a B.” She wrote, “You’re right, you got a D!”

Stupid Kite

I would not fly my kite Because it might get lost. One whole month’s allowance Is what my new kite cost. Bubba said to fly it. “Don’t be a stupid clown. ‘Cause whatever goes up, Always has to come down.” So I flew it today, Up so high you can’t see. Stuck up there forever […]

Food Play

Sometimes when I’m happy And in a playful mood, I like to do fun things Creative with my food. So when I learn to talk The first thing that I’ll say, “I want some food to eat And some food just for play!”

Mommy Smells So Good

I like the smell of candy stores And the fresh smell of cedar wood. But I love the smell of Mommy ‘Cause Mommy always smells so good. When Mommy tucks me in my bed And hugs and kisses me goodnight, The smell she leaves behind with me Makes all the bad things become right. I […]

When Daddy Fixes Breakfast

When Daddy fixes breakfast, Things never seem to go just right. Sometimes the things he fixes Are a pretty gruesome sight. The waffles, that my dad makes, Would interest fossil lovers. Be the envy of the steel mills Where they make manhole covers. Today when he fixed breakfast, I’m not sure just what I ate. […]