Category: Poems for Children

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Billy Boombox

You never saw Billy Boombox Without his monster boom box on. He always had it turned up loud Because his hearing was quite gone. He couldn’t hear an auto crash, He couldn’t hear an organ grind. He couldn’t hear an elephant If it was sneaking up behind. He couldn’t hear a thunder clap Nor could […]

Color Blind

“Never mix blue and green,” Mom said, “They don’t go with one another.” The sky is blue, the grass is green, So, didn’t God have a Mother?

My Sneeze

My teacher asked me; “Goodness sakes, Bessie, Just look at your arm, Why is it so messy?” It makes you wonder, When they have to sneeze, How teachers wipe off The mess that it leaves. It was quite a sneeze, The worst of the day. Kids that were close by Complained of the spray. Where […]

Spin Cycle

Let me tell you the tale About Timothy Green, Who climbed in his mother’s Brand new washing machine. It was entertaining To his brother Michael, Who had watched him go through The entire spin cycle. His mother was worried, But his dad just said, “Bosh, I’m sure little Timmy Will come out in the wash.”

My Pet Monkey Likes You, Anna

My monkey said he’d really like To come and see you, sometime soon. He said I should suggest, to you, Tomorrow… early afternoon. I don’t know why he likes you so Because you’ve never even met. He has lots of weird ideas; He’s really such a stupid pet. And now he asks me, every day, […]