Category: Poems for Children

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Haunted House

When we passed the haunted house Pete made a double-dog-dare. He said that I was chicken And I wouldn’t go in there. I said, “Who’s afraid of ghosts?” Sally Mae was with us too. I really like Sally Mae And I’m thinking that Pete knew. I walked through the creaky gate And up to the […]

My Pet Python

I have a pet python And a best friend named Dan. My pet python gets mad When we play Kick-the-Can. We played Hide-and-Go-Seek To make my pet happy. When a python gets mad They sometimes get snappy. But now it’s getting late, Please help me if you can. I found my pet python But I […]

Dill Pickle Stew

Now Frank was a fellow who lived all alone, In a cave that was dark, with no telephone. There were crickets and spiders, and red ants galore, That lived on the ceiling the walls and the floor. Frank lived all alone, but everyone knew. How he fed all the bugs on dill pickle stew. And […]

Rabbit Stew

I caught a magic bunny In my magic bunny trap. He wore a little jacket And a little bunny cap. He said, “If you turn me loose, I’ll grant you a magic wish.” I said, “instead of bunny, I’d much rather catch a fish.” He gave me a magic pole And then quickly ran away. […]

Cafeteria Food

The best food that I ever ate Was food I had one day at school I liked the green and slimy stuff And all the yellow lumpy gruel. I licked the saucer and the bowl And made it shiny clean as new And then they filled it up again With some really smelly stew. **You […]