Category: Poems for Children

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Gumball Machine

I told Mama that I saw it When I went to buy some gum. She just smiled and shook her head Like she thought that I was dumb. But I sure know that I saw it And I know that it’s still there; It is in there with the gumballs Doesn’t anybody care? I am […]

Super Salesman

Billy Bob is a super salesman Who can sell you almost anything. He has sold a fireplace to a snowman, And sold a rattlesnake a ring. Being the world’s best super salesman Is the thing that he most loves. He sold a blind man reading glasses; He sold an earthworm a pair of gloves. I […]


I collect all kinds of insects, It’s something that I like to do. I stick them to a piece of cardboard With pins and little dabs of glue. I know an arachnid’s not an insect But I have a special spider. It’s the one that scared Miss Muffet When it came and sat beside her. […]

Mommy’s Stuff

I used Mommy’s lipstick, I used Mommy’s perfume. You could smell me coming From clear across the room. I used Mommy’s shower And I used Mommy’s soap. Mommy won’t smell me now, At least that’s what I hope!

Captain Hook

Have you ever read a story About the famous Captain Hook? Yesterday I read about him In a Peter Pan comic book. But not a single word was said Of how the captain got his hook; Of just how he had lost his hand, Whether to crocodile or crook. Don’t you wonder what his name […]