Category: Poems for Children

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Monkey Shines

Monkey see, Monkey do. Did it see me When I kicked you?

When I Get Big

My teacher says I shouldn’t belch. It’s one habit I should squelch. But if squelch means To be real loud. It’s one talent Of which I’m proud. She says that it Will gross folks out. It’s lots of fun I have no doubt. If I get big And still have gas, I think I’ll teach […]


Dad bought me a little puppy, It’s not much bigger than a mouse. Dad calls my puppy Handyman. She does odd jobs around the house.

My Sneeze

My teacher asked me; “Goodness sakes, Bessie, Just look at your arm, Why is it so messy?” It makes you wonder, When they have to sneeze, How teachers wipe off The mess that it leaves. It was quite a sneeze, The worst of the day. Kids that were close by Complained of the spray. Where […]

Billy Boombox

You never saw Billy Boombox Without his monster boom box on. He always had it turned up loud Because his hearing was quite gone. He couldn’t hear an auto crash, He couldn’t hear an organ grind. He couldn’t hear an elephant If it was sneaking up behind. He couldn’t hear a thunder clap Nor could […]