Category: Poems for Children

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Little Pegasus the colt Wanted to learn how to fly. He had dreamed of chasing clouds As he gamboled through the sky. He would gallop and then jump, Then he’d stand around and fret, Because about ten feet up Was as high as he could get. The crows all came to taunt him, “This is […]

Guardian Angel

I feel sorry for the angel That has to follow me around. That moaning, groaning that I hear Is probably my angel’s sound. This morning did he get worried While I climbed up that old dead tree? And was he the one that caught me Before I fell and skinned my knee? And later when […]

Five Star Cook

Last night before supper, Mom said It was time I learned how to cook. I screamed and I threw quite a fit When she gave me her recipe book. I thought I would make cooking fun And the thought brought a great big grin. I would cook a meal so awful That they’d never ask […]


Today I married Peggy Sue. It was a stupid thing to do. In an old trunk, she found a dress And that’s what started this whole mess. The shoes she found were much too big, As was her mother’s crazy wig. She couldn’t walk; I carried her. And then I guess I married her. My […]

My Talent

Most everyone has a talent Of which they are justly proud. The boy who sits in front of me Can snap his fingers really loud. The talent that I wish I had, Is the one like my brother Keith, Who you can hear a mile away When he whistles through his teeth. The only talent […]