I Don’t Make Fun of You

No one’s very nice to me,
And I really don’t know why.
I can’t figure out what’s wrong,
Even though I often try.

When I stop to watch and play
With the other girls and boys,
They all point and laugh at me,
And quickly hide all of their toys.

I don’t laugh at how they look;
‘Cause I don’t really care.
Even though I think it’s funny
Their hands and fingers don’t grow hair.

I surely wouldn’t tease them,
The way that they tease me;
Even though they have two eyes,
Instead of having three.

I don’t laugh at their dumb ears,
Even though they are so small.
It amazes me that they
Can hear anything at all!

The few normal looking kids,
The only ones I’ve ever seen,
Were the ones that I saw out
Hunting treats on Halloween.


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