X-Ray Vision

I’d like to be like Superman
And fly around without big wings,
To have his super x-ray eyes
So I could see inside of things.

To fly around from place to place,
I think would be a major WOW.
But x-ray vision’s what I need,
It would be nice to have it now.

‘Cause there’s a great big purple box
Right there beneath our Christmas tree.
Just now, I peeked and saw the tag
I read the name and it’s for me!

Parents who, days in advance of Christmas, put their children’s gifts under the tree, are practicing a special kind of torture. Surely they must remember the agony of the WAITING that they experienced as children.

The little boy in X-Ray Vision can only wish for a solution. Every boy has dreamed of flying but right now he would forgo even that pleasure just to have Superman’s x-ray vision.


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