Category: Southern Humor

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My corn was getting ripe, The crows were mean and bold. I would have no harvest, Because of what they stole. So I made a scarecrow, It was such a fearsome sight. While it was in my garden, None dared go there at night. It certainly scared the crows, And gave them cause to fear. […]

I’m Fine

The courthouse was empty of all but a few, Who’d come to see how the farmer would do, The truck company’s lawyer was known for his skill, He’d make you look stupid, then go for the kill. He started right off with his usual line, “Now when you got hurt, you said you were fine.” […]

A Cajun Goes To Hell

A Cajun died and went to Hell, And caused the Devil much concern. He’d been there for a month or two But hadn’t yet begun to burn. The Devil’s job, as we all know, Is making sinners pay their debt. But the Cajun mystified him, He hadn’t even raised a sweat. He sat there singing […]

Putting On the Dog

All of my wife’s friends Have brand new fur coats, The beautiful ladies And the two old goats. She asked me to buy A new coat for her, But I couldn’t afford The expense of a fur. And then if by chance, Or maybe by luck, I hit a huge dog With my pickup truck! […]

Not For Sale

The farmer’s young wife, May Bell, Nagged him daily as a rule. She thought her husband lazy And she hated his old mule. May Bell took him lunch one day And walked up beside the plow, A bit closer to the mule, Than good prudence would allow. The sheriff said that the mule Fatally kicked […]