Cry Baby

The family was quite large,
The house was always cluttered.
She’d birthed another baby,
The backwoods husband muttered.

It was this pastor’s duty
To visit on occasion.
His wife had accompanied him
After lots of his persuasion.

The old grandma asked them in;
They inquired about the child.
She said, “It’s another girl
And my boy is really riled.”

“But, if you want to see her,
You’ll have to wait until she cries,
So just sit, I’ll get coffee,
May Beth baked blueberry pies.”

Pastor said, “We don’t have time,
Even for a piece of pie.
We’d like to see the baby.
Must we wait for her to cry?”

“May Beth went berry picking
She left me here to mind her.
I forget where I put her.
But when she cries, we’ll find her.”


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