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Dear Mr. Government Man, Sir

Dear Mr. Government Man, Sir The law called my folks yesterday. The sheriff told my ma and pa That you guys were looking for me. Said I had up and broke the law. It seems that when they sign you up, You’re not allowed to run away. I know you’re busy catchin’ crooks But please […]

Standing in Line

Sergeant had just finished ranting And now he was starting to rave You can’t wait till I die, he said So you can come dance on my grave. “Not me, one brave private answered” (We’ll notify his next of kin.) “When I get out of the service I’ll never stand in line again.”


Dear Pa, Ma, and Granny, I guess you know I just ain’t too much for letter writin’. The recrutin’ officer promised me That I’d get to do some real good fightin’. But so far I’ve been about as restless As a caterpillar in a beehive. All we do around here is eat and sleep. Of […]