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The policeman told the lawyer “That’s a stop sign, you failed to stop.” “But I slowed down, that’s just as good”, He sarcastically told the cop. The policeman took his nightstick And beat the lawyer good and sound. He asked the lawyer as he beat him, “Should I stop, or just slow down?”


My family is really a mess, I’ll be the first one to confess. The fiancée I had Got married to Dad And now she’s my mom, more or less!

Grandma Doesn’t Need Glasses

All of us kids love Grandma, She has just turned ninety four. None of her friends can keep up With our Grandma anymore. She is always on the go And always at full throttle. She has no need for glasses. She drinks straight from bottle!


An old politician named Glynn Who thought telling truth a sin. Told lies abundantly Some lies redundantly But still got elected again!

The Man From Farr

Not your typical Rising star; Like the Wise Men, He came from Farr. His name is Mike, Which isn’t strange ‘Cause mikes are one Of his favorite things. Though he set himself A lofty goal, On his first job Mike went in the hole. Mike’s jobs weren’t always Judiciary; At first he dug graves In […]