Category: Poems for Grownups

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I’m going to dig to China. Mommy says it is quite a ways. I’m going to dig to China, If it takes me seven days. I was going to dig my hole In the lot across the street. But the ground there was so hard It made the shovel hurt my feet. So I’ll dig […]


The pastor had been reassigned, This sermon was to be his last. He was shaking hands with each one As the members were filing past. A little old lady stopped by, A member that he hardly knew. She shook his hand as she told him, “The next one won’t be good as you.” “Nonsense,” said […]

Driving Lessons

My mom thinks it is luck That she is still alive. But it was her idea To teach me how to drive. She said it would be fun ‘Cause what could be so hard? When she screamed, “Step on the brake!” I trashed the neighbor’s yard. Which one is the stupid brake? Two pedals sure […]


Two little wooden dolls lay drying, Side by side on a wooden table. One doll decided his name was Cain, The other doll had chosen Abel. Cain asked Abel, “How did we get here? I wonder how we came to evolve?” Abel said, that someone had made them, “That’s no difficult problem to solve.” But […]

The Graduate

Well, I am going to graduate. The ceremony is tomorrow. The day that I’ve looked forward to With feelings mixed of joy and sorrow. My head is full of all I’ve learned My knowledge is complete. I’m ready to attack the world, I won’t accept defeat. I can accomplish anything, No goal can be too […]