Category: Poems for Grownups

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I’m going to dig to China. Mommy says it is quite a ways. I’m going to dig to China, If it takes me seven days. I was going to dig my hole In the lot across the street. But the ground there was so hard It made the shovel hurt my feet. So I’ll dig […]

A Little Boy’s Prayer

Lord, I know I’ve not been good, Sometimes I’m very bad. Mommy says the things I do Are sure to make you sad. She says that I should pray each night That you would make me good; So if you’ve time to hear my prayer, Please help me do the things I should. I know […]

Church Foot

My foot just went to sleep. It does it out of spite. I hate it when it happens. Now it’s gonna be up all night.

Turtle Shell

I saw a turtle In a shell, It seemed to fit him Very well. Now I just wonder, D’you suppose That I can buy me One of those? What are the colors One can choose? Do they make them in Reds or blues? I asked the turtle If he knew, Where I could buy me […]

Please Tell the Tooth Fairy

God bless my mommy And bless Daddy too. Bless all of the animals That live in the zoo. God bless Bobby Joe, Bless my new friend Ruth. And please tell the Tooth Fairy About my loose tooth.