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I have never once been fired But I’m the first to admit, When they stop paying me I get mad and quit. I didn’t lose my job, That’s all that there is to it. I know right where it is They’ve just got someone else to do it. I’m not afraid of work, No matter […]

Grandma’s Got a Skateboard

Our grandma got her a skateboard And none of us know what to do. We’re all afraid she might get hurt. Because she’s almost eighty-two. We called her favorite doctor, Who is a veterinarian. He said that’s much too dangerous For an octogenarian. He told us that our Gram’s old bones Had gotten brittle as […]

My Son the Saint

My darling son is such a saint. He hasn’t cheated on his wife, Or touched a drop in fifteen years, He leads a very sheltered life. He’s excellent at hard labor At least that’s what we’ve all been told. We’re gonna throw him one big party If he should ever get paroled!

Captain Yellowdog

A sea-faring man And a captain bold, At least that is what All his men were told, He wrote of bravery In his log each night But things that he wrote Were never quite right. The men all knew things Not put in his log. To his back they called Him, ”Old Yellowdog”. From any […]

The Traveling Saleman

Burt and Pete were on a sales trip When their old car had broken down. They were way out in the boondocks, Not close to any kind of town. They walked to a well-kept farmhouse Near the place where they were stranded. You’ll have to sleep out in the barn, The young widow had demanded. […]