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Skydiving Advice

“You don’t need a parachute to skydive.” That was my good friend’s advice. “Why wear a cumbersome parachute? Unless you plan on jumping twice.”

The First One to Lose

There are some people that I know Who are so easy to enthuse; If they only come in second, They’d rather think they’re first to lose.

Two Unnecessary Deaths

Two young ladies sat in Heaven; The two of them had been best friends. They were discussing how they each Had come to their untimely ends. The first friend said, “I froze to death. And it’s not all that bad you know. You’re cold, then you get warm and sleep; It’s quite a peaceful way […]

Bacon Tree

With the cowboy’s thick Jewish accent, I could understand one word in three. He warned, “Don’t go up da mountain trail Because up dere ees a bacon tree.” My horse was very tired and hungry, He wouldn’t last the trip around. And a “bacon tree” would be the least Of all of the dangers I […]

Toilet Paper Cake

For the annual church fund raiser, Joan was going to make a cake. She was in an awful hurry, She had but little time to bake. When she took it from the oven, The middle was one great big hole. She saw it was about the size Of a toilet paper roll. She quickly ran […]