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I was training my dog While in town yesterday; I was trying to teach him The meaning of stay. I parked at a store In my new SUV; Then my dog in training Tried to go in with me. I wouldn’t be long And the weather was cool, But I knew my dog thought I […]

Red Tails in the Sunset

You think that Adam and Eve had fun? No clothes to wear, just romp in the sun? No meetings to go to or deadlines to meet. No plastic chairs to stick to one’s seat. No Jones’s for neighbors, they had to keep up with. It was just their friend God, who each night they would […]

Tupperware Party

“Dad, where did Mother go tonight?” Asked the father’s youngest son Ben. “To a Tupperware party”, he said, “She should be home around ten.” “What’s a Tupperware party? What do mothers do there?” Ben asked, looking at his father With an, “I don’t believe you, Dad!” stare. “They sit around drinking coffee And sell plastic […]

Good Excuse

The policeman was unhappy “Never try to outrun a cop! When you see a flashing red light You’ve got to pull over and stop!” “You better have a good excuse” “Or you will have to go to jail. You’ll be real lucky if the judge Will even let you out on bail.” The man explained,”A […]

Nine Lives

Our dumb dog killed the neighbor’s cat And dragged him back into our yard. That poor old cat sure looked as if He had been treated mighty hard. Mom knew our neighbors weren’t at home, They’d planned on being out of town. She said that she’d make things look right While there was no one […]