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Dear Abby

I am writing to you And to your sister Anne, So if you can’t help me, Maybe your sister can. I just met the woman That I want to marry But how to tell my folks Might be a little hairy. When I met her she was A lady of the night But she gave […]


“I’m on my way to a lecture”, The drunk driver told the cop Who’d pulled him over past the light, Where the young man had failed to stop. “Who’s giving a lecture this late, And what is the lecture about?” The policeman asked the drunk driver, With a voice reflecting his doubt. “It’s about alcohol […]

Third Husband

“You are a most unusual man,” She said holding on to his hand “You look just like my third husband, You’re so tall, and handsome, and tanned.” He said, “That’s a nice thing to say,” Although he thought it to be true. “How many husbands have you had?” She said, “Well, so far, only two!”

Helen Brown

At my class reunion, I said, “Lady, you look like Helen Brown.” “Well you don’t look so hot in blue” She answered with a hurtful frown.


I bought a book on Yoga, Which I advise you not to do. You learn how best to meditate, This much I found is true. I sit here with the knowledge learned; No matter how I’ve tried, There is no meditating way To get my legs untied!