Category: Hospital Humor

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Kent’s Operation

Sue Smith stood up in church and said. “Thank God for answering my prayer. Healing my husband’s injuries, Demonstrated His loving care.” “When Kent crashed his motorcycle, His scrotum was horribly crushed. They called me from the hospital Where he, in much pain, had been rushed.” “His pain was excruciating, Success in treating it was […]

You’ve Got it Again

When people know you’re sick, And you’re really feeling bad, Why do they like to tell you It’s the same thing that they had? Then, of course, they always say Just how awful bad you sound… But that it’s only something That’s been going all around. The ones that I hate the most, That I […]

The Nurse’s Lie

She said, “It’s just A little sting,” And that I wouldn’t Feel a thing! Her soothing voice, A little course; A needle sized To treat a horse! I told the threatening White-clad elf; That she could just Go stick herself!

My Doctor’s Scale is Wrong!

My doctor never believes Anything that I say. She asks me how much I weigh, Then weighs me anyway!

Imported Brands

I really must be important! When I got my hospital bill, It seems that every doctor there Had treated me while I was ill! While cotton swabs and aspirin, And lotions for my feet and hands, Showed no expenses had been spared, They must have used imported brands!