Category: Hospital Humor

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Chinese Checker

Sometimes I think Doc Jones is not too smart. He often ignores the things that he sees He treated Lee twelve years for jaundice He never noticed that Lee was Chinese.


He’s careful of the things he does And of the things he eats for food. Just when you think he’s quite a sage He goes and gets himself tattooed! He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink, Such habits he has soundly booed. Just as you think he’s one smart guy He goes and gets himself tattooed. […]

Crack Team

It was my first operation, I’d settle only for the best. A “crack” team is what I ordered And they best honor my request. They said the “crack” team had arrived It was the best that could be found. It wasn’t a team of surgeons, They’d hired a team to make my gown!

Doctors on Strike

All the doctors carried signs But no one seemed to heed them, Except for the pharmacists. Seems no one else could read them.

Risky Diagnosis

Old Doc said, “Ailments such as yours Make my diagnosis risky, But I’m sure that the problem is Caused by drinking too much whiskey.” The patient said, “Don’t worry Doc Because I know how tough it’s been. My next appointment’s in two weeks And maybe you’ll be sober then?”