Macadamia Nuts

He was making his first visit,
Though she had been there quite a while.
He thought of her mindless chatter
And of her toothless gummy smile.

The nurse told him that he should wait,
That she was ready to come back.
Her hospital room was cheery
And was much neater then her shack.

As senior pastor of the church,
Sick room visits were his duty.
The rich, the poor, and the ugly…
This one surely was no beauty.

Just then he saw the tempting nuts,
There on her nightstand in a jar.
Macadamia nuts, surely,
Were his favorite nuts by far.

He was certain she wouldn’t mind,
If he tasted just one or two.
They just looked so white and tempting,
She surely wouldn’t miss a few.

But one taste led to another,
Before he knew what he had done,
He had eaten all of her nuts,
He had not left a single one.

Right then they brought the lady back,
The pastor’s conscience was aflame.
And then he told a little lie,
To cover up his hidden shame.

He said that he had broke her jar,
When he had knocked it to the floor.
So he would just run right on down
To the gift shop and buy her more.

God was quick to punish Pastor
For what he thought a little lie.
A lesson he would remember
To the very day he would die.

“Be sure they’re chocolate covered”,
She said, with flemmy hacking cough.
“I’m not allowed to eat the nuts,
I just suck the chocolate off.”


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