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“Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Right now we just don’t need it.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Because no one will read it.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “It’s just a waste of time.” “Don’t write a book of poems,” they said, “Especially if they rhyme.” […]

I’ll Just Cry Instead

I picked a stickery flower From a stickery thistle. Now if I were a grown-up, I’d shake my hand and whistle. There are so many stickers That my hand is turning red. Since I haven’t learned to whistle, I guess that I’ll just cry instead.

Useless Words

Sis said, “It’s raining cats and dogs!” I was eating apple strudel. She said before she came inside, That she had stepped into a poodle. She watched me as I penned these lines And told me it should be a crime, For poets to add useless words To try and make their verses rhyme. My […]

Turtle Shell

I saw a turtle In a shell, It seemed to fit him Very well. Now I just wonder, D’you suppose That I can buy me One of those? What are the colors One can choose? Do they make them in Reds or blues? I asked the turtle If he knew, Where I could buy me […]

Circle Fly

The politician had a fly That was circling ’round his head. “That fly is really bothersome, It makes it hard to speak,” he said. “My daddy calls them ‘circle flies,’” Said a young lad who sat close by. “They always circle ’round someone They think is gonna tell a lie.” “Are you calling me a […]