The Man From Farr

Not your typical
Rising star;
Like the Wise Men,
He came from Farr.

His name is Mike,
Which isn’t strange
‘Cause mikes are one
Of his favorite things.

Though he set himself
A lofty goal,
On his first job
Mike went in the hole.

Mike’s jobs weren’t always
At first he dug graves
In a cemetery.

One story about Mike,
While he was in school,
Has to be told
‘Cause it’s just too cool.

He wore makeup,
But Mike wasn’t gay,
He just had a part
In the high school play.

Now actors wear makeup
Because of the light;
And Mike in his makeup
Was quite a gay sight.

So Mike, to bolster
His tough guy image,
Went from practice
To football scrimmage.

Mike, in the huddle,
Was easy to pick.
He was the one
Wearing red lipstick.

A football scholarship,
But Mike didn’t go.
Was it the lipstick?
We’ll never know…

The Marines were looking
For a few good men,
So Mike joined the Navy!
That lipstick again?

Mike met lovely Debbie
One New Year’s Eve.
It was a blind date,
They’d have you believe.

As to which one was blind,
To me it looks like
It must have been Debbie
‘Cause it sure wasn’t Mike.

At his high school reunion,
With old age a-looming,
Mike won the prize
For being late-blooming.

How late Mike blooms
Is no sure bet…
But we have to wonder,
Has Mike bloomed yet?

We know that his job
Is no walk in the park.
Will he get 60 widened
Before our world goes dark?

And when he retires,
And drives off in his car,
Will everyone wonder,
Did Mike go to Farr?

This poem was written in September of 2006 for a fund raiser party for Mike Sutherland, who was running as the incumbent for county judge. Most of the information used to write the poem was furnished by his wife, Debbie. Of course, I took some poetic license with the stories in order to make them rhyme. (You will have to ask Mike about the Highway 60 reference.)


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