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The Ten Commandments

(A letter to God) The ten commandments are changing, I’m sure it is to Your dismay. They are not the same commandments That they were in Moses’ day. Your “No other Gods before me,” Is surely not a modern rule. I am sure that You remember, We can’t mention You in school. The manger scene […]

One More Fifty

Today is her birthday, My blushing bride. For fifty short years She’s been by my side. How old is my bride? I’m certainly not telling! To do so might cause Matrimonial yelling. But with her at my side, It sure would be nifty, If we just had the time To do one more fifty. For […]

A New Voice in Heaven

Angels today in Heaven All have reason to rejoice; It seems the Heavenly Choir Has auditioned a new voice. His talent had been noted, And a void will now be filled; When Barron adds his tenor, All of Heaven will be thrilled. He so loved to sing of Heaven; How God’s singers would be there. […]

Baby TJ

This poem was written per request of TJ’s grandmother, Dr. Peggy Conner.

Sestina: A Time to Fight, a Time to Play

A sestina is a special type of poem. The first six stanzas have six lines each, and the lines end in the same six words, but in a different order in each stanza. In the final stanza are three lines, each containing two of the words. Making a rhyming sestina adds a little more to […]