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The Man From Farr

Not your typical Rising star; Like the Wise Men, He came from Farr. His name is Mike, Which isn’t strange ‘Cause mikes are one Of his favorite things. Though he set himself A lofty goal, On his first job Mike went in the hole. Mike’s jobs weren’t always Judiciary; At first he dug graves In […]

Live Wires

The Live Wires all gather The third Wednesday at noon… Where each one has a place Set with knife, fork and spoon. It seems that the reason The men come to gather Is to eat way too much, And talk about weather. There’s one thing about which They will always complain; There is either too […]

There’s a Steer on My Toe

A poem about David Reue sure couldn’t be very tough. About strange things that he’s done, ‘cause he’s surely done enough. To say he pinches pennies, we know wouldn’t be quite right. When compared to Jack Benny, Dave’s not really all that tight. Well to get some material for today’s little fest, I checked with […]

They Call the Wind Josiah

How can one write a poem About someone named Josiah? They used the only word that rhymes When they named the wind Mariah. Bev says he doesn’t like it But he doesn’t have a say, It will be an easier poem to write If I just call him Jay. Columbus discovered America Way back in […]

Sister Jernigan

And now it’s time To say adieu I know it’s sad But it is true. She’s heading off To other places With different sights And different faces. We’ve all enjoyed Her presence here And all of us Will shed a tear. But she’ll bring joy To other places And put a smile On other faces. […]