A New Voice in Heaven

Angels today in Heaven
All have reason to rejoice;
It seems the Heavenly Choir
Has auditioned a new voice.

His talent had been noted,
And a void will now be filled;
When Barron adds his tenor,
All of Heaven will be thrilled.

He so loved to sing of Heaven;
How God’s singers would be there.
And now he’s joining with them,
With a joy beyond compare.

He’s rejoicing with the angels,
With all those who’ve gone before,
That were waiting there for Barron,
Just inside of Heaven’s door.

God knows how much we’ll miss him,
But his work on Earth is done.
God learned how sad death makes us,
When they crucified his Son.

So he’s blessed us with the promise
He has made oft-times before,
When He calls us home to Heaven,
Bab will greet us at the door.

In memory of Barron Giesenschlag (his wife called him Bab)

He went to be with Jesus April 3, 2009.


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