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The Wedding Ring

“You have your wedding ring on the wrong finger.” I told her, when I was introduced to Fran. “I know it’s on the wrong finger”, she said, It’s there because I married the wrong man!


My wife complains, the way I dress, Of mismatched socks and other stuff. But who can tell my socks don’t match? Not when my pants are long enough. She told me, my shoes were dirty And said that I never clean them. But then she asked how long it’d been Since the last time that […]

By Any Other Name

He had wanted a boat For his whole married life; An argument ongoing With his too-thrifty wife. She finally relented To his constant whining, And gave him her blessing While they were out dining. “But I get to name it!” Her sole stipulation. Which he hardly noticed In his jubilation. His pleading and begging Were […]

Mood Ring

My husband, Dave, bought me a present. He said that it is called a mood ring. And you know what? It actually works And is a very accurate thing. It turns light green when I am happy And when I am mad a dark blood red. It’s not the stone that changes color It’s the […]

Time-Tested Advice

If at first one doesn’t succeed, The sage advice has always been, That one should not give up the task; But he should try and try again. The best advice, I’ve come to find, Is advice that’s been time tested: To avoid a fight, first do it The way your wife suggested!