Category: Married Life

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The Wedding Ring

“You have your wedding ring on the wrong finger.” I told her, when I was introduced to Fran. “I know it’s on the wrong finger”, she said, It’s there because I married the wrong man!

Frozen Windows

On a cold frosty morning She sent her husband a text, “Windows frozen,” it said, “Instruct me but not too complex.” “Pour lukewarm water over it,” He texted her, hoping she’d know how. Five minutes later, she texted back, “Computer’s really messed up now!”

Time-Tested Advice

If at first one doesn’t succeed, The sage advice has always been, That one should not give up the task; But he should try and try again. The best advice, I’ve come to find, Is advice that’s been time tested: To avoid a fight, first do it The way your wife suggested!

The Pastor’s False Teeth

The pastor got a new set of teeth, Sunday’s sermon was eight minutes long. His speech sounded hesitant and garbled, The choir covered it up with a song. The next Sunday he spoke for ten minutes, The church members were all very moved, His sermon was short but inspiring And his diction had surely improved. […]

Unintended Compliment

The boxer made the front page, Standing by his foxy bride, He was so much too ugly For the woman at his side. My husband said, “Figure it, One of those strange things in life, How the biggest jerk always Gets the most beautiful wife!” Watching my belly-scratching man, Sitting there drinking his beer, I […]