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Kent’s Operation

Sue Smith stood up in church and said. “Thank God for answering my prayer. Healing my husband’s injuries, Demonstrated His loving care.” “When Kent crashed his motorcycle, His scrotum was horribly crushed. They called me from the hospital Where he, in much pain, had been rushed.” “His pain was excruciating, Success in treating it was […]

What She Meant

Sitting one night with her husband, A woman began to opine, “No way could I live without you,” While sipping on a glass of wine.” “Is that you talking, or the wine?” The husband asked, with ego fed, “I’m not talking to you, my dear; I’m talking to the wine,” she said.


I usually wake up Grouchy, A habit that is ingrained deep… But this morning, just for once, I think I’d better let her sleep!

Helpful Husband

She’d asked her husband several times If he would mow their weedy lawn, He always claimed that he was tired, Then he would stretch and sigh and yawn. She thought it would embarrass him, To see her on her hands and knees Cutting, with a pair of scissors, The weedy grass beneath the trees. He […]

By Any Other Name

He had wanted a boat For his whole married life; An argument ongoing With his too-thrifty wife. She finally relented To his constant whining, And gave him her blessing While they were out dining. “But I get to name it!” Her sole stipulation. Which he hardly noticed In his jubilation. His pleading and begging Were […]