Six Again

This year I’d give my dear wife
Her bestest birthday ever
And anything she would want
Would be my sole endeavor.
She thought that I was joking,
‘Cause she said with wifely grin,
“If it’s anything I want,
Then make me a six again.”

I woke her up next morning,
Just a little after dawn,
I handed her a playsuit
That I asked her to put on.
I took her to the schoolyard
Where we rode on everything.
We seesawed on the seesaw
And I pushed her on the swing.

Then we walked down to the mall,
Where they had a petting zoo.
We had a hurried corndog,
Caught the matinee at two.
Then we rode the choo-choo train
All around the city park,
And we played in the sandbox
Until it was almost dark.

When, at last, we got back home,
Both her legs were numb as sticks.
I said, “Surely you had fun,
Didn’t you want to be six?”
She said, “You darling dummy,”
(There were teardrops in her eyes)
“I wanted to be ‘a’ six,
I was speaking of my dress size!”


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