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Heavenly Golf

I asked a young preacher named Kevin If I could play golf up in Heaven. He said, “Certainly so, But I think you should know You’ve a tee-time tomorrow at seven!”

Nine Lives

A cat has nine lives, so they say, Though some can lose all in a day. When one gets too curious And makes a dog furious All nine is the price he may pay.


When you reach my age you seem to fall quite often. My ladder, with me on it, fell twice just last year. It seems that I spend a lot of time on ladders, Even though heights have always been a major fear. My Doctor son told me I should give up falling. Doctors always have […]

I Wasn’t His Friend

I wasn’t his friend; I was his masseuse. I tried to be friends, But it was no use. He no longer comes; What more can I say? He told me that I Rubbed him the wrong way.


She was in a friend’s boat, Just reading a book, When the warden rowed up To get a close look. “May I see your license?” He asked the young lady. She quickly could see His intentions were shady. She said, “I’m not fishing, I’m just out here reading,” Though she had little doubt Where his […]