When you reach my age you seem to fall quite often.
My ladder, with me on it, fell twice just last year.
It seems that I spend a lot of time on ladders,
Even though heights have always been a major fear.

My Doctor son told me I should give up falling.
Doctors always have intelligent things to say.
I told him I would probably take his advice.
I never enjoyed it all that much anyway.

The year 2005 was a year of falling for me. I fell off of a ladder three times. I always had a good reason. The leg on one of the ladders crumpled. The brick that I had one leg of a ladder on to make up for uneven ground slipped out. The third time involved the form work that I had my ladder leaning against giving way. I also fell twelve feet when a stair gave way, with me on it, in the greenhouse. At 69, that is probably excessive.


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