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My Friend Gregg

Gregg and I went hiking, They said, “Watch out for bear!” We were young and foolish, We said we didn’t care. I said, “I brought protection,” I showed him my wife’s gun, He laughed, “That’s not a weapon!” And he started to make fun. That’s when we saw the grizzly, As it turned to head […]

My Buddy

My buddy and I, For that’s what I thought, Had a string of fish That we had both caught. We’d heard the stories, About a big bear, As big as a car But we didn’t care. We’d flown in by plane To this little stream, An old guide had called A fisherman’s dream. Then we […]

The Talking Frog

An old fisherman and his dog Came upon an unusual sight. A talking frog had caught its leg, And was screaming with all its might. “Help me loose,” the little frog cried, “And I will bring joy into your life.” The old man pried the stuck frog loose, Using his sharp fish cleaning knife. The […]

Fishing Trip

A wife should let her husband have At least one fishing trip a year. She’d really been quick to approve; My wife is such a thoughtful dear. The next Sunday morning early, I got quietly out of bed And placed a tender loving kiss On top my dear wife’s sleeping head. I grabbed my trusty […]

What Fish?

Well the warden had him this time, It was way more than he could wish. He had finally caught Old Jake Holding a bucket full of fish. Old Jake never bought a license, He hadn’t ever felt the need. There was a wife and several kids Jake had to find a way to feed. These […]