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Fishermen’s Lies

The mailman said he caught a catfish That weighed a hundred and eighty pounds. He bragged about his monster catfish To everyone as he made his rounds. Old Jake told him he caught a catfish That was at least twenty times that big. It had swallowed a fisherman’s boat, His lantern and all his fishing […]


She was in a friend’s boat, Just reading a book, When the warden rowed up To get a close look. “May I see your license?” He asked the young lady. She quickly could see His intentions were shady. She said, “I’m not fishing, I’m just out here reading,” Though she had little doubt Where his […]

Elephant Hunter

My daddy hunted little ducks I’d like to hunt much bigger game ‘Cause hunting little helpless ducks I think is really kind of lame. I’m told when hunting elephants You have to use some sneaky ploys. The first thing that I’d like to know Is how to carry my decoys!

Tough Choice

Bill and I were out hunting deer, A way up on the far hillside, When old Bill had a heart attack And that is how my old friend died. My hunting really had been good. I’d killed a great big ten point buck And then old Bill just up and died. Now isn’t that my […]


The voice on the phone was shaky, It resounded with dread and fear. “My hunting buddy’s dead!” he yelled, “We just came out to hunt some deer!” I tried to calm the caller down, “There’s an ambulance on the way. Just calm down until it gets there, Try to listen to what I say. Before […]