Fish or Talk

Bill, an undercover warden,
Had been working the case for days.
They were a bunch of good ol’ boys,
Plain set in all their good boy ways.

Sam agreed to take Bill fishing
With stolen sticks of dynamite.
Sam wasn’t one to waste his time
Waiting around for fish to bite.

Bill wore a wire beneath his coat
So he could tape Sam’s every word.
That Sam was smart enough to know,
The very thought was too absurd.

Bill had to see him throw a stick,
So he could make a good arrest.
But just to be with Sam alone,
Would put his shaky nerves to test.

He knew that he would talk too much,
As nervous as he always was.
With guys like these, what might Sam do,
If he suspected Bill was fuzz?

They rowed to Sam’s favorite spot
And very quickly tied their boat.
And now he’d tape Sam’s every word,
With hidden wire beneath his coat.

But when Sam lit the dynamite,
Bill’s whole face turned as white as chalk.
‘Cause Sam gave him the stick and said,
“Are you gonna fish or just talk?”


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