What Fish?

Well the warden had him this time,
It was way more than he could wish.
He had finally caught Old Jake
Holding a bucket full of fish.

Old Jake never bought a license,
He hadn’t ever felt the need.
There was a wife and several kids
Jake had to find a way to feed.

These were pets, he told the warden,
He’d brought them here to take a swim.
The warden had a right to doubt,
Jake always got the best of him.

Jake said, I pour them in the lake
So they can visit all their kin.
I hold the bucket when they’re done
And they all come and jump back in.

The game warden had to chuckle,
He knew this time he had Old Jake.
Jake said, “They’ll come when I whistle,”
As he poured them back into the lake.

The warden said, “Well, I’m ready,
Let’s see the fish come when you call.”
“What fish?” Old Jake asked the warden.
“I never seen no fish at all!”


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