She was in a friend’s boat,
Just reading a book,
When the warden rowed up
To get a close look.

“May I see your license?”
He asked the young lady.
She quickly could see
His intentions were shady.

She said, “I’m not fishing,
I’m just out here reading,”
Though she had little doubt
Where his questions were leading.

“There’s a rod in your boat
And some fishing lures too,
With all that equipment
I will have to cite you.”

The lady said sweetly,
“If that’s your assessment,
I will file a complaint
For sexual harassment.”

The warden said quickly,
“That’s certainly not true.
I’ve stayed in my boat
And I haven’t touched you!”

“They’re your rules,” said the lady,
“That you seem to think fair.
You’ve made no advances
But the equipment’s all there.”


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