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The Elevator to Success is Broken

Opportunity knocks but once, Failures always come in pairs. The elevator to success is broken, You will have to take the stairs. Some corporate ladders are so long, It seems no one up there cares. The elevator to success is broken So you’ll have to take the stairs. Boss’s office looks so comfy; All you […]


In a Catholic hospital, The nun asked how he should be billed. When he said he had no money, He could tell that she wasn’t thrilled. She asked if he had any kin, “I have a sister you could dun, But she like you is a spinster With no money, she is a nun.” The […]

Duck Farm

My next-door neighbor is so dumb, He’d toss the corn and eat the shucks. Last month he up and decided He was going to raise some ducks. If it turned out Dumb was a dog Then he would be her firstborn pup. He planted one whole dozen eggs And not a single duck came up. […]


One thing about Dark, that I’ve learned, Is that it’s very, very fast. And in a race with Dark, I know That Light would surely come in last. Now Light and Dark can’t get along, Light always seems to rule the day. Dark lurks about in holes and caves; But when night comes, Dark has […]

Youthful Reflection

The reflection in my mirror Is of one not so long of tooth. My wrinkles are diminished, I know the secret of youth. It’s such a simple solution, You should try it before you scoff. You’ll not look old in a mirror, If you first take your glasses off.