One thing about Dark, that I’ve learned,
Is that it’s very, very fast.
And in a race with Dark, I know
That Light would surely come in last.

Now Light and Dark can’t get along,
Light always seems to rule the day.
Dark lurks about in holes and caves;
But when night comes, Dark has its way.

So Light is banished from the night,
For it does not know how to hide.
Although the moon and stars above
Try valiantly to take its side.

And man has done his very best
To cause the fight to be unfair.
But Dark’s so sure of victory,
It doesn’t even seem to care.

Small children are Dark’s strongest foes,
In every room the battle’s drawn.
No matter how much dads complain,
Light switches are always left on.

Dark, I know, will finally win;
There can be very little doubt.
With utmost patience Dark will wait
Until the last light has gone out.

It’s been said that the only people that have absolutely no fear of dark are the blind. Since they have never seen light they are not afraid of what dark hides. I didn’t write Dark as an allegory about Christ, The Light of the World, I was simply pointing out a few differences between light and dark in the natural world. It wouldn’t make much sense to close the blinds to keep the dark out? Dark is not an entity in itself. It can only exist as the absence of light, the same as cold is the absence of heat. Maybe that’s another poem.


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