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A dog sits waiting in the hot summer sun, Too faithful to leave, too frightened to run. He s been there for days, with nothing to do But sit by the road, waiting for you. He can’t understand why you left him that day. He thought you and he were stopping to play. He’s sure […]

Heavenly Test

No one goes through the Pearly gates Without St. Peter’s holy nod. Nobody is allowed access To the Heavenly Throne of God. So he was stopped at Heaven’s gate And told that to atone for sin, He must name good things that he’d done To earn enough points to get in. He said that he […]

No Need to Fear

He sat in his doctor’s office, Consternation on his face, He hadn’t very long to live For death, now, had entered the race. He had great fear of the unknown, Fears he knew he should not abide. He asked the doctor if he knew What waited on the other side? He said, “I’ve always believed […]

Obedience Beats Sacrifice

The father said, “The stove is hot!” He touched it once… Much wiser tot. As grown-ups we Also must try. The sign said, “Wet;” The paint looked dry. God said, “Don’t eat Fruit from that tree!” But surely, God, You don’t mean me. The Bible says, Not once but twice; Obedience Beats sacrifice.

The Little Angel

How she’d gotten by my nurse, I didn’t even have a clue. She said, ”Sir my mom’s real sick And she’s bad in need of you.” I sat unmoved at my desk, Diplomas on all the walls. I said, “Have your mom come in; I no longer make house calls.” She said, “Mom is way […]