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From the Heart

His first day in Heaven He was touring the grounds; All the Heavenly sights, And the Heavenly sounds. He couldn’t help wondering, “What’s happening below?” How were things at his church? He wanted to know. With the Heavenly TV, He could look down below. He would find his church service, And then he would know. […]


When you look at the damage That the caterpillar did, To your beautiful plants, don’t cry. He’ll pay for the damage in a week or so With a beautiful butterfly.

A Note From Jesus

She received the note quite early; It had come in the morning mail. She had been living on welfare And her health had become quite frail. What the note said gave her new life. “This evening I’ll be passing through And if it’s not too much trouble I would like to visit with you.” She […]

More than I Can Handle

If more than I can handle God had promised not to give, Then He had lost my address And forgotten where I live. It is evident to me, God and I were out of touch Or I think He would have seen That He trusted me too much. Then he showed me how the dark […]

It’s Written In My Heart

You know that I have loved you And I’ve loved you from the start. When I forget to tell you, It’s still written in my heart. Now as I look back and see, Just how long that it has been. I know if I’d just met you, That I’d fall for you again.